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Awaken to the Amazing Healing Powers of Tarot with

Mark Bajerki

Internationally renowned Tarot Master

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Cost:  £299.00 GBP** 

  Program includes a free gift of your personal Tarot Card Deck by Carl-W.Rohrig and cost of international shipping.

Mark Bajerski’s 10-hour Online Tarot Course is a journey that is filled with great wisdom.  Following on from the enormous success of Mark’s weekly online tarot program, this easy-to-follow video course in Tarot is uniquely designed to awaken your mystic powers as a channel of messages and information and not to simply ‘read’ a card to instructions.

The nature and design of this Online Tarot Course makes it ideal for anyone:

  • Who is already working actively as a Reader and wishes to master the art of tarot reading.
  • Who may have a deep interest and curiosity in the magic of Tarot and wishes to learn in a light and fun environment.
  • Who has yet to pick up a deck of Tarot and has little or no knowledge of tarot card reading.

Mark Bajerski’s Online Tarot Course is light, fun, deeply insightful and with lots of laughter along the way. Mark dispels all the ‘dark nonsense’ related to Tarot and you are awakened to your true healing nature as a channel of messages and information from Spirit. Mark shares insights as to how Tarot opened his eyes and played a profound part in his healing journey.

“Any reader can see the issues. It takes a true reader to find the answers, present the choices and to provide this power map to those you read for” – Mark Bajerski, Tarot Master


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Each lesson will awaken you to a more beautiful and deeper understanding of this powerful spiritual tool.  You will grow in confidence and trust of your intuitive Self, awakening you to physic connection and gifts that are naturally found within each one of us.

Many who have already completed the course are experiencing powerful results through their Tarot Readings and an increase in requests for spiritual readings, due to the clarity and accuracy of what they channel through the cards.

Mark has given me vivid insights that have come true over and over again. Through his abilities and unconditional love he has made me a believer in the psychic experience. Love Love Love him! AMAZING!!!

- Adam SaaksCustom Couture Designer, Hollywood

This course has absolutely reached above and beyond my expectations as to what it has helped me personally and professionally achieve.

- Kerri H

I would recommend this program to every single soul in this world; it helps you to grow, to see things with different eyes and helps you connect to the Spirit World.

- Maria W

…with Marks gentle guidance it has opened up a totally new way of reading Tarot for new and experienced readers.

- Ellen P

What’s Included: 

  • 10 x 60 minute video lessons presented by Mark Bajerski.
  • 78 Tarot Card Deck for you to work with, beautifully illustrated by Carl-W. Rohrig, shipped to you on enrollment. Please note that the deck you will receive is the Spanish version of Carl-W.Rohrig’s Tarot. The English version of this deck is extremely difficult to source and very costly. Mark will cover each card in the deck so you will not need to worry that the version is in Spanish. Thank you.
  • E-Certificate awarded from Mark Bajerski’s ‘Pure Energy Healing Academy” upon Course Completion.

***Enroll today and enjoy savings of £100.00 GBP***

Cost:  £299.00 GBP**

Program includes a free gift of your personal Tarot Card Deck by Carl-W.Rohrig and cost of international shipping.

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  4. On receipt of your payment confirmation, please email info@markbajerski.com and advise on your shipping address in order that you can promptly receive your deck of Carl- W.Rohrig Tarot Cards. (You are free to begin the course right away before your cards arrive of course.)


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Along this 10-hour journey, you are gently and lovingly guided by Mark in a way that allows you to digest naturally the profound teachings that he shares. Using the powerful Carol W. Rohrig deck of Tarot, you will work from the heart of who you are, not from the mind. Mark will help you to attune to your Higher Spiritual Self to see, speak, hear and to feel your truth. As Mark explains:

“It is so important that the driving force of a reader holds no ego, no power; only a love of helping others, from your heart to theirs.”


Course Materials

78 Tarot Card Deck - Carl-W.Rohrig (will be shipped to you after enrollment). Please note this is a Spanish version of the Tarot Deck.