Mark Bajerski’s Online Tarot Course launches this week!

As the countdown is on to the launch of Mark Bajerski’s wonderful online Tarot Course,  Mark shares a most powerful message for you today!

Riqueza (from deck of Carl-W.Rohrig)

Deep within you lies the memory of the past – a deep longing to be close to the sea as you once were. I see through your eyes and see the waves gently moving back and forth; I see that your heart and healing belong near water, for you are the energy of movement and your inner gifts are filled with creative energy. This is your moment to fly; this is your time to take a leap of faith towards the unknown and to simply trust in what is about to happen. Today is the moment to look deep inside your heart and say, “I am all I need to be. I know I can do whatever my mind may fear; I am beyond the worry and fear of the ‘what ifs’…” Yes, dear soul, it’s your time to be who you always wanted to be and to trust the new journey and love which is about to enter your life. I see light all around you and I know whatever you’re about to do, Spirit will protect you and always keep you safe.There is a new key and a new path, so step towards your new journey today but with one action –and do it with a smile. Peace awaits you.