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Open Your Heart, Share Your Happiness

Be kind and nice to others. Smile whenever possible. Open your heart and share your happiness and energy. Give from your heart without expecting anything in return. Try not to judge anyone or force your opinion on others – if you are the right person to share your wisdom, you will be asked to do so by them first. Above all, look at yourself and see how you can be a better person – not only for the people you love, but just as importantly, for yourself.
None of us is perfect, and we all need to work on ourselves, to take time to stop and see that the most amazing place to be is in this very moment. We all have the gift to forgive others and we all have the gift to forgive ourselves – this is a life of lessons and to recognise any lesson is a wonderful start towards conquering it and growing in a spiritual sense. This is an amazing year and I believe – no, I KNOW – that everything is exactly as it should be. I have let go of everything that does not feel right within my heart, and by doing so, I am rising above negativity. I am becoming a better ‘me’. So. Come and join me on this amazing path and let’s laugh and smile together each and every day

Love, Mark