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LEARN TAROT with Mark Bajerski

10 hours of instructional videos guided by Mark that will deepen the connection to your Inner Wisdom. Learn how to be an intuitive reader of tarot and discover the magic within the cards!

In your own space and time, be guided by Tarot Master, Mark Bajerski, on this deeply unique journey to discover and learn the amazing healing powers of Tarot Reading.

I would recommend this program to every single soul in this world; it helps you to grow, to see things with different eyes and helps you connect to the Spirit World.”  – Maria W, participant 2017

Following on from the enormous success of Mark’s weekly online tarot program, this 10-hour program is a powerful awakening of intuitive awareness, psychic experience and deep understanding.  You will see and understand Tarot Reading and the cards in a completely unique way, mastering the cards as a powerful source of spiritual wisdom.

Many who have already completed Mark’s online Tarot course are experiencing huge growth in requests for readings, due to the clarity of messages and support through the cards.

“I have gained not only an exceptional understanding of Tarot but as an intuitive business coach, mindset & manifestation mentor the clarity in my intuition has peaked significantly allowing me to work with my clients on a much more profound level.”

Kerri Healy, Intuitive Business Coach & Mindset Mentor


With over 11 years working experience in interpreting messages, Mark has earned the reputation as one of the most sought-after Tarot Masters in Europe. Mark helps you to strengthen the bond between Reader and the cards on a path of deeper, intuitive understanding and confidence in your natural psychic abilities. Your readings will flow accurately and intuitively as channelled messages, as you gain confidence and trust in your inner wisdom.

This program offers participants all the advice and support needed to take the first step and to fly!

About the Tarot Course

Whether you see your future as a full-time reader or simply to use in your day-to- day everyday life; this easy-to- follow journey into the art of interpreting the messages within the cards is for you!

Based on his own personal experiences, from life as a highly successful Auctioneer to moving to full-time work as a Tarot Master, Mark fully understands how starting-out as a Reader may feel overwhelming and a big step for many.

Over 10 hours, Mark Bajerski will expertly guide you on:

•    How to intuitively see and feel messages and information within the tarot cards.

•    Key secrets, highs/lows, what to expect when giving a reading.

•    Practical Tarot tools and guidance to overcoming obstacles and gaining confidence as an open-hearted, accurate reader.

Mark’s video program presents the art of tarot in a fun, light way and with deep learning on how to interpret the messages held within.  The 10-hour online program aims to build confidence for the Reader as they are guided through techniques that channel pure spiritual messages and deepen the healing experience.

What Others Have To Say…

This course has absolutely reached above and beyond my expectations as to what it has helped me personally and professionally achieve.

Kerri H

I would recommend this program to every single soul in this world; it helps you to grow, to see things with different eyes and helps you connect to the Spirit World.

Maria W

Mark, the way you brought the Tarot to light was so inspiring that no book will ever be able to do so!

Ingelise H

I would a million percent recommend this tarot course to everyone…

Collette M

Mark advises on how to give the information to the clients and how not to get involved personally – very, very useful!

Almuth J

I actually knew nothing about Tarot and learned SO much from every single lesson.

Patricia B

For anyone wanting to learn Carl-W Rohrig’s Tarot cards, this program is a must.

Scott C

…with Marks gentle guidance it has opened up a totally new way of reading Tarot for new and experienced readers.

Ellen P
Mark Bajerski Tarot Reader

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  3. Your free gift of a full set of Carl-W-Rohrig cards will be shipped to you immediately after enrollment. Once received, you are ready to begin!
  4. In each of the 10 hour-long videos, Mark will lovingly guide you on how to intuitively read each of the Tarot Cards that you will work with helping you to become the most powerful reader that you already are!

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Remember: As part of the 10-hour Tarot Online program, participants work with the 78-Tarot Deck of Carl-W.Rohrig. Once enrolled, your own personal Tarot Deck will be shipped to you. After they arrive, you are ready to begin this powerful online tarot course, guided by Mark Bajerski!

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